The Official 8Bit NFT Collection! Collection


Introducing 8Bit Crypto’s NFT series: 8BIT CHAMPIONS!

8BIT CHAMPIONS are a revolutionary collection of 8,888 unique NFTs. Your 8BIT CHAMPION grants you exclusive perks to the 8Bit Arcade™ and the 8Bit merchandise shop.

Enjoy increased passive rewards and special power ups in the arcade based on what items and attributes are attached to your NFT. Every NFT purchase has the chance for free merchandise with your specific NFT engraved.

How It Works
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Time Remaining Until Launch
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When the timer expires, you will be able to mint your very own 8Bit Champion. Enter the Pixelverse as your favorite characters and earn gold across your champions to trade for real life merchandise. Learn more about the ORIGINS of our champions below…





Even at a young age Onyx knew he wanted to be an adventurer. He was the first one in the Modern Pixelverse to find one of the 8 ancient relics of the past: the joystick. This effectively earned him the title of Champion. He spends his days looking for the rest of the relics using his knowledge of ancient maps and friends made along the way. It is said he is the greatest swordman in the Pixelverse and his problem solving skills are stunning.


Born into the royal bloodline of a viking clan in the volcanic isles, Scarlett was made for war. She was crowned a Champion at an early age when she burned rival villages to the ground in search for one of the 8 ancient relics. Scarlett is looking to bring war soon to the shores of Neo-City.  She is known for her god-like stength, a thirst for power, and her mighty leadership to control armies.


When Emerald first stepped into the Pixelverse, he knew he had one mission: find the Champion that zeroed his father. Bent on vengeance, he roamed the streets of Neo-City and quickly became the local Champion. He hopes to leverage his new connections to gain knowledge of his father’s killer who is said to be part of the Cyber Dragon Clan. Specializing in firearms and hacking, he is a force to be reckoned with on the web and on the street.


A mage born in Neo-City, Aqua grew up in an orphanage but was known for her love to heal others. She was forced to flee Neo-City when she came across a magical staff that countless villians of the Pixelverse have sought after for years. She has learned to wield the staff’s power for good and her powerful intellect helped her stumble upon one of the staff’s greatest secrets: a map of the entire Pixelverse with 8 distinct shapes scattered around the hemispheres.


It is known that Snow is the daughter of a high priestess that formed the Guardians of the Relics. Snow is a devout follower and uses her gift of divination and oracles to know the true nature of people and earned the title of Champion from her years of protection. She is known to use charms and her cyber sword to ward off hostile invaders who wish to collect the ancient relics for power.


It is said Helios has trained his whole life to be a top warrior in the Cyber Dragon Clan. Rejected by his family for his unorthodox style, he is resolved on proving himself to the world and his family by seeking out the ancient relics. He claimed the status of Champion by winning the Pixel Martial Arts World Championship with his hand to hand and claw weapon combat. No one can compare to his sleight of hand and agility.


There are whispers that Violet is a pixel witch, some say she may be an Angel. She may be a complete mystery, but it is said that those who do know her true origin are the Guardians of the Relics who once granted her the title of Champion. Violet has been making noise in the Pixelverse by amassing a large army of followers and is said to be heading south toward the volcanic isles. Violet relies on her quick speed, and stealth to advance her agenda.


Said to be the first Champion of the Pixelverse, Topaz is an ancient monk from the monastery in the mountains. While most consider it folk tale, there are stories that say, Topaz once held all 8 ancient relics eons ago, before losing in a mysterious battle that wiped his memory. While he was born a peaceful warrior, Topaz trained in the deadliest weapons to defend his lands and those who stand in his way of retrieving his lost relics.

Claim Free Merchandise Merchandise


Collect these NFTs, redeem* their gold, and receive a piece of merchandise with your unique NFT on it! (First owners only)

10 Gold for a T-shirt, 100 Gold for a Hoodie, and 300 Gold for a Backpack.

If you own an NFT with a “Origins” rarity you may collect all three items, and a secret customized gift…